Discription :

"COVID 19 affected our day to day life but we could not bind ourselves within the walls. we had to continue to take part in our day to day life. But most people are not wearing masks and were not aware of the COVID consequences. With our #MaskUpBangladesh Campaign. we were able to reach out to 198 celebrities and influencers of the country and with their help. was able to create massive disruption to make people wear masks. For Covid-19 awareness campaign 1.50.000 posters were produced. 3.82.500 HH were reached through this TVC promotion. various contents such as RDC. PSA etc were aired through 17 community radio stations. 272.070 impressions with a series of FB contents. "

  • Client: UNDP
  • Category: Social
  • Date:
  • No. of attendees: 18.5 Million