10 Years of Mobile Financial Servies (MFS)

Discription :

"We are celebrating 10 years of Mobile Financial Services where all companies of the industry came together to celebrate as one. The celebration effort was patronized by Bangladesh Bank and we tried to celebrate the occasion with the people and stories that made this industry what it is now. Miking in the local areas. posters everywhere. 9 divisional celebration events leading up to the big celebration on 12 march at Radisson Blu. We produced a theme song. local art form Potho Drama to tell the story of the progression and growth of this industry in remote parts of the country. with dance drama on stage to our Gala Event; we continued the story we started. When we were planning for the project. we wanted to have a continuation of stories of the journey of Mobile Financial Services. through our brandings. communication. the form of art in our entertainment section. video content we produced. and activities."

  • Client: Bangladesh Bank
  • Category: Corporate
  • Date:
  • No. of attendees: 20000+