Artcellism - 20 years of Artcell

Discription :

"We celebrated the 20 years of being existence of the progressive rock band Artcell. The audience cheered. some smiled. some cried. while some were in total awe as the curtains of this monumental night were being drawn close. Everyone who attended this historic concert left the premises with a heart full of euphoria and experience that can be cherished until the next decade of Artcell is celebrated. When was the last time you visited an open-air concert? That too in Bangladesh! Tuesday. 24 December. Christmas Eve. was a night to remember. It seemed like Christmas has come earlier this year. especially for rock fans who were gifted with Artcellism ñ the 20-year celebration of Artcell. an unstoppable journey of which we were a part of. The concert kicked off at 6.00 pm as fireworks went up in the sky. With the stage being lit up. fans started to swarm in front of the stage with a single chant on their lips ñ Artcell. Artcell. Artcell! The stage was unlike any other ever seen in any other concert in Bangladesh. Seven rectangular LED screens were set up vertically. with the drums being staged on a separate platform above the main stage. "

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  • Category: In-house
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  • No. of attendees: 10000+